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48 Hours in Verona

Ciao! I’ve just spent an amazing 48 hours in Verona and wanted to write a post before I head to Traverse and have a whole new wave of blogging ideas…

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My Travel Plans for after Camp America!

Happy Saturday! I’m now officially unemployed so it’s a very happy Saturday for me and I feel really strange. I’m going to Italy on Monday with Traverse though so will…

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Gabriella’s Guide to a Summer in London

I love that the weather has been getting better in the UK recently, it’s finally starting to feel like summer and it makes exploring so much more fun. I’ve got…

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The Best Tour Companies for Solo Travellers

As a solo traveller, it can be hard to know where to start with planning a trip. You can research, read blog posts, search for deals but what you really…

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My top 5 tips for applying for Camp America

As you may have read in my “I’m off to Camp!” blog post here, I’m going to be spending the summer with a company called Camp America and will be…

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Exploring the Islands of Dubrovnik

As you may have read in my last post about my trip to Dubrovnik, I explored the islands that are close to Dubrovnik. I took a lot of pictures there…

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My Top Ten Tips for travelling in Dubrovnik

The last month, I’ve been writing about my time in Dubrovnik. I loved exploring but I definitely learnt some things in my week there that would have been useful to…

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Hey, I'm Gabriella

I post once a week covering topics such as solo travel, working and living abroad and also creating Gabriella’s Guides to places I have been. I cover topics under the following categories such as Planning and Packing, The Travel Diary, Travel Inspiration, Photo Diaries, Gabriella’s Guides and Working Abroad.