5 Fabulous Travel Bloggers – Version 3

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At the start of the year I wrote a blogging goals post about my Travel and Blog plans for 2020, it involves being a bit more regular with one of my favourite blog posts which I’ve already published two versions of in 2019. That is a blog post where I share my favourite travel bloggers with you, I have version 1 of that blog post here and version two is linked for you here. This is version 3 and I’m hoping to make this blog post a regular monthly feature so every month you can find some new travel bloggers to follow!


I love finding new travel blogs to read, to me it’s like finding a new book and I want to read everything I can, from where they have been to where they are going next, and I thought I’d share five people whose blogs I love. I’ve got everyone’s links in this post too, so feel free to click through and give them a follow on social media so you can keep up to date with their travels.


interview with where goes rose

Where Goes Rose

I met Rose for the first time at a conference in London (Borderless Live 2019), but before that I always loved reading Rose’s blog and had also interviewed her as part of my travel expert series. Rose is a travel blogger who has so many amazing recommendations for Asia, because trust me, she has been everywhere. She is currently based out of South America as she is a full time traveller but if you have any questions about any country in Asia, head to her blog because you’ll probably find the answer. Rose is probably one of my favourite travel bloggers due to the fact that she is budget friendly and has been to so many places, way beyond the usual holiday destinations. I love her daily stories and she’s a real foodie as well as being hilarious. She’s someone who keeps it real on social media showing you the ups and downs of what it is really like to travel full time, and also she’s honestly just a genuinely lovely person too! Follow Rose on social media, here, here and here.


sophie's suitcase bio image


Sophie’s Suitcase

Sophie is someone who I have been following for a long time, then I actually met her at Traverse! I love Sophie’s blog as it’s so useful if you’re looking for inspiration. There are weekend breaks, destination guides and hotel reviews from all over the world and one thing that I really love about Sophie’s Suitcase is her Bucket List page! It is seriously incredible with over 160 different travel experiences that make you want to travel everywhere and experience everything! If you’re looking for a new travel experience, I’d have a look here for some inspiration. I love watching her Youtube videos and she also makes me want to visit the Maldives so much! Follow Sophie on social media here, here and here.


abbi from spin the windrogse


Spin The Windrose

Abbi is another Traverse friend and a true inspiration in sustainable travel. I love reading about Abbi’s past travels, especially about her time in New Zealand but I also follow her for her advice about ethical travel, and how we as travellers should be making changes that can help protect our planet. Abbi highlights brands that are providing sustainable options and can be useful to travellers, but is also someone who travels using the most ethical options available. Another blogger who likes to share the love, I’ve also found more sustainable bloggers to follow because of Abbi. I also love how easy her website is to use and the design, so if you love a beautiful website, have a look at Abbi’s. Follow Abbi on social media here, here and here.


steph my life

Steph My Life Travel

“Let’s go on an adventure” is the tag line on Steph’s website and honestly, I feel that it encompasses the feel I get from Steph every time I watch her Instagram stories. Steph, (and her husband Tim) are people who I watch pretty much daily on Instagram, and the amount of times I have saved a screenshot because she’s given a really useful travel tip, is crazy! If you have a look on her Instagram, be prepared to take a lot of screenshots as there is so much information on there. Steph seems to cover everything you could possibly need from travel beauty tips, how to get cheap flights, how to get all over Bali/Thailand/Vietnam and so many more places. I started following her a while ago and in less than a year, she has grown to be a huge face in the travel Instagram game. Her travel story is a really good read and she also runs her own travel tours around Bali as well as giving her audience the benefit of her knowledge with her travel planning calls. If you’re interested in travelling somewhere new and want some advice have a look at the areas she covers on her website which can be found here. Follow Steph on social media here, here and here.


escaping essex


Escaping Essex 

Danielle is yet another Traverse friend and she has one of my favourite blog headers I’ve ever seen but I won’t spoil it for you so go have a look at that! Danielle writes about travel from the perspective of a young professional as she actually works as a tax advisor so knows exactly how you can make the most of your time off and how to use your annual leave in the best way. I love her posts about South Africa as they cover so much information about what to do and what to really expect on safari. Danielle recently got back from Japan and I can’t wait to read more about what she got up to as it sounds like an incredible trip. On Escaping Essex, Danielle covers a whole range of topics from city breaks, to budget travel, solo travel, off the beaten track and she evens covers National Parks and Castles! Follow Danielle on social media here, here and here.



So that’s my five bloggers for this month, I hope you like this style of post as I think it’s a great way to share the love and get some travel inspiration. There are so many travel bloggers out there who are doing amazing things and writing some incredible articles that I just have so so many places I want to visit. I’m hoping this will be a regular feature on my website as I’ve got so many more amazing bloggers to share so will be sharing the next version of this post next month. I share blogs I love and when I started this series, I’d never even met another travel blogger and now I’m lucky enough to call some of them my friends, especially in the first and second versions! If you haven’t already, have a look at Version 1 and Version 2 of this post so you can find some more amazing travel bloggers.

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5 travel blogs you should follow version 3

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  1. I’m always on the lookout for travel bloggers to follow. I look forward to viewing their websites.

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