My Travel Plans for after Camp America!

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Happy Saturday! I’m now officially unemployed so it’s a very happy Saturday for me and I feel really strange. I’m going to Italy on Monday with Traverse though so will be very busy soon, which I can’t wait for! Today I wanted to chat to you about my travel plans for after Camp America. I’ve had had a lot of messages over the last few weeks about my Camp America process but something that kept getting asked, was about what my plans are for after camp finishes and I get to travel. Using my travel planning method that I do for all places, I managed to make a rough itinerary. I love hearing other peoples plans and wanted to share it with you. That way, if you’ve been to any of the places I’m heading to, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

my camp america travel plans

After Camp

I should point out that these travel plans are in no way final, I’m heading to camp with zero plans for after it ends except a flight back to New York, 30 days later. The travel fund isn’t the largest travel fund either, so will be travelling on a budget too. I did, however make a rough plan for the 30 days if I end up going alone, but I’m hoping to make some friends at camp and I’m pretty open to see what everyone else wants to do.


The month has been broken down into days, so I can plan how to get between place but obviously this is all hypothetical! Travel between each new town / city / state would most likely be whatever is cheapest. So, could be a plane or a train or a bus but budgeting is really important on this trip.


Days 1-5

Camp for me, is in Pennsylvania so day 1 I’ll be close to a lot of the places I want to explore. My free flight home option is out of New York so I would want to head over to the West coast first before coming back to the East coast and flying home.

First destination for me would be a flight into San Francisco. I’ve been reading a few, a lot, of blog posts about travelling America and would want to spend around three days in San Francisco. I then want to head to Monterey and Big Sur. Everything I’ve seen in this area always looks stunning! I also want to be the typical tourist with the Golden Gate bridge. I’m a fan of Big Little Lies so want to head to Monterey to see some of the beautiful beaches down there too. Up next I’d want to fly out of San Jose around day five to Las Vegas.


Days 6-16

Starting in Las Vegas, I have a whole route planned out that includes the following;

Problem is I don’t drive, so I’m looking into different tour options at the moment because this little route alone would take maybe eight or nine days but it is all absolutely breathtaking. I’m not too fussed about spending time in Las Vegas as I’ve been there before but I really want to visit Sedona. There are tours that take you to those places in a little loop, but again, because I don’t know dates or anything, it is a little tricky trying to book in advance. I’d love to end that little tour with two days in Palm springs which takes us to midway through Week 3! Palm springs is top of my list, I’ve read so much about it and everything I read just makes me want to spend a month there alone!

Days 16-20

As the week 2 would be pretty hectic, this week would be chilled for the last few days with a couple of days in Los Angeles to see all the sights. Again, without a car it’s a little tricky but I have found a few day trips in LA, that cover a lot of what I want to see! I’d want to visit Malibu, Beverly Hills, Runyon Canyon Park, Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign just for starters, so even though I’d want it to be chilled, it would probably end up being a couple of long days. Then I’d make my way (train/bus) down to San Diego, where I would spend a day before catching a flight over to Washington!


Days 21- 29

With one day in Washington, I’d have a lot to squeeze in but I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself if I didn’t make it to Washington. After Washington I’d love to go to Philadelphia for a day or two, because I know so many people love it. A little diversion up to Niagara falls, this is a bit that I might have to miss out due to budget and time constraints, before heading to Boston for three days including a day trip to Salem. Then I’d have to hurry back to New York to catch my flight and head home and sleep for a month to recover!


I know it sounds crazy when it’s all written down like that, but wow what a month it would be. Unfortunately for me, without a car or a spare £5000 it might be a version of this that contains just one of the sections! America is a lot more expensive than the backpacking I did around Southeast Asia but as I’m there for a month I figure I might as well do everything I can.

I’m also looking at working with some companies in collaboration with the blog, so if you’re a company reading this, let me know if you want to collaborate!


I fly in just two weeks time so the days are flying past at the moment. My passport is back, with my Visa in and I’m finally starting to get everything ready that I want to take with me. I don’t know how often I’m going to be able to sit down and write but I do have my whole summer planned with a new blog post every week for you. If you want to follow what I’m up to, I’m posting weekly on the blog and daily on Twitter and Instagram. I’m also a Camp America Storyteller so will be sharing with you as much as I can!


What do you think of my itinerary for America? Love it? Too busy? Or not enough? I’d love to hear what you think so use the share links below to get in touch!


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