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a day out with pinterest grow and glow hub with vix meldrew

I wanted to title this post “A day learning about Pinterest with the Grow and Glow hub organised by Vix Meldrew” but I feel that would have been a bit too wordy. I did however, spend the day with the lovely ladies of the Grow and Glow hub as I attended an event all about Pinterest and it was organised by Vix Meldrew who runs Grow and Glow. I’m going to let you know all about Grow and Glow as well as a few tips I picked up from the day but firstly I’d love to say thanks to Vix for organising such a beautiful event. 


Before I dive in to the event itself, it would make sense if I shared what Grow and Glow is all about! It’s an online platform created by Vix to help bloggers and content creators with a sort of hub or community that means everything is all in one place. It’s been so so helpful to me as a blogger who has been on again, off again blogging for the last 7 years of my life. Starting again as a travel blog and only really starting to take it seriously since September, the Grow and Glow hub has been the kick up the butt I’ve needed to define my space online. I’m still working through the various bundles of information as well as all the videos / podcasts and activity sheets. If you’re a blogger who likes to have a bit of order to their life, then I’d really recommend it, I pay a subscription which means I pay every month, but it has honestly really helped me so I think it is well worth the money. If you’re interested, click here to go through to the Grow and Glow website where you can find out more, and even sign up to the waitlist.

a day out with pinterest grow and glow hub with vix meldrew

So I’d like to take you back to a Saturday morning in a beautiful space in Shoreditch where I joined maybe 30 or so other bloggers, to get to grips with all things pinterest. First things first, I have to talk about the incredible set-up. We were in a top floor apartment building which was spacious but the decoration was stunning, as you can see from the pictures. It was an Instagram dream but what really caught my eye was the mouth-watering spread of food. Platter London had created a dreamy menu of smashed avocado on bread, platters filled with exotic fruit and also pastry platters piled high with croissants, strawberries and different tasty treats. After stuffing my face for a good half hour, there was a chance to network and chat to people. I actually got chatting to Hannah from Hannah Vickers as we talked about old blogging events as we have both been blogging for what I feel is half my life.


It was really nice, although I didn’t know a single person there, there wasn’t any atmosphere or anything that you sometimes get at blogging events. It just seemed like a genuinely friendly space where everyone just wanted to chat and was open to having a laugh. After a little brunch and networking we got started with the first session which was Pinterest 101. I’ve done a few Pinterest courses before but also picked up a few things that I’d not seen or knew about before which I loved. This talk covered more than the basics but it wasn’t too complicated for a complete newbie as well as containing info that I knew would come in handy for a lot of bloggers in the room. There were facts about Pinterest itself such as, the average daily life of a pin is 105 days and did you know that there are 10 million daily UK users?? I really didn’t, so I found this talk by Reena really useful! I also found out that Pinterest are really open about the way their platform works, they want people to be able to use it to share their content, which I find really refreshing. 

a day out with pinterest grow and glow hub with vix meldrew

a day out with pinterest grow and glow hub with vix meldrew

After a little break, we got stuck into the next talk which was by Vix and it was about Pinterest for Blogging! It was really useful to see how Pinterest can make such a difference for blogging and how it can really help to get you views and help grow your business. If you’re a blogger who feels a little stuck with sharing your blog, I’d definitely look into using Pinterest more. Vix talked about how you need to look at what you’re actually pinning each day and how it fits into your niche. You need to ask yourself, What are the main content topics I blog about? And how this can relate to your Pinterest strategy whilst also sharing a little bit about you and your personality. 

a day out with pinterest grow and glow hub with vix meldrew

After this talk I actually had to scoot off back to Brighton but there were more talks in the afternoon as well as a panel and a Q&A discussion which I was actually so gutted to miss but I had to get back! If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest and how to use it for your blog, definitely have a look at the Grow and Glow hub or even search on Pinterest, “How to use Pinterest for my blog” and you’ll see a whole load of advice. I would make sure to stay away from anyone who claims that their millions of MUV helps them with their blog as even with a lot of clicks, it doesn’t mean their blog is actually being read, there are a lot of ways to get high MUV but without quality content, the readers will click straight back off and head to a different result!

Thanks to Vix for hosting an incredible day and also to Pinterest for everything I learnt!

I know this post wasn’t what you might expect from a travel blog, but the more events I attend about blogging the more I want to share! Do you use Pinterest for your blog? Have you heard of the Grow and Glow hub? For more daily updates, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.


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