What I loved about Borderless Live 2019

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If you follow a lot of the travel blogging community, you may have been aware of an event that took place in the first week of September called Borderless Live. It was the first event of Borderless Live and it is a festival for content creators. That includes bloggers, photographers, videographers, vloggers, instagrammers, podcasters etc! It was a collaboration of WTM London and Traverse, if you want to hear more about my experience at a previous Traverse event then you can have a read of my blog posts here and here. Borderless Live took place over two days in Tobacco Dock and I loved it. I want this post to be useful to anyone considering joining one of these events as I know how useful it can be to hear from people who have attended themselves.


I’d like to add that I don’t work for Borderless Live and I can only tell you information that I know. If you’d like to hear more about all the official information from Borderless Live then just look on their website as this is my personal opinion and I’m trying to give an overview for anyone who is considering attending the next one!


So what is Borderless Live?

Borderless Live was a festival for content creators where you could attend talks, listen to panels, chat to travel brands, eat a healthy lunch and also mingle with other content creators. I don’t think I could list all the talks and everyone attending so instead I’ll just link to their website here. I purchased a VIP ticket, which meant I had a few extra perks and fun things available to me which I’ll go in to, a bit later in the post. 

Karl watson talk at borderless live

Who is Borderless Live for?

Borderless Live is for anyone who calls themselves a content creator or anyone who is interested in learning more about the whole idea of creating content. I think some people are worried you have to have a certain amount of readers, or subscribers, or instagram followers to attend an event like this, but this is not the case at all! I met people who were completely new to blogging and just wanted to make some friends in the industry, I also met people with 250k followers who wanted to learn something new about a different side to the industry. The event is really friendly and also a great way to pick up tips from just chatting to people who have been working in the industry for the last ten years. For me, I found that the event was just a great place to learn a lot about different subjects within the travel blogging industry.


What can I learn from Borderless Live?

I feel I learn as much as I do from mingling and chatting to people as I do the talks I attended. I went to talks such as listening to Shu Shi Lin and Christianne Risman talking about what it was like to work with Catalonia Tourism, panels on How to use social media for positive change and also a speed networking event. The talks themselves are amazing and they have some really incredible speakers who know exactly what they’re talking about and are always open to questions. The panels are also a really great way to learn as you get to hear from a variety of people on important issues that affect our industry. I also really enjoyed my speed networking session as it was a chance for brands to approach you and ask you questions instead of them waiting to hear from you. 

komodo talk at borderless live

The conference timetable was pretty packed with interesting talks that catered to a lot of people, no matter their speciality. There was also a space where all the attending brands had a table and stand where you could approach them and hear about how they work with content creators. With a lunch break too, it meant your day was pretty packed before the evening social events began. I found the best time to talk to the brands was during someones talk as there were less people mingling so you didn’t feel you had to rush, but it did mean you missed out on a talk. This is where a bit of preparation goes a long way as I planned what talks I really didn’t want to miss and could therefore network in that time instead. 


What was a VIP Borderless Live ticket for?

When buying my ticket I just clicked straight through to VIP as a few things jumped out at me that I knew would be so useful. As a VIP ticket holder I got; access to a VIP area, collab space and happy hours. I also had the opportunity to book a one on one with someone to look at my website and it was an opportunity for me to ask any questions, whether that be about a bit of coding, how my website looked or even about defining my niche. There was also the chance to book a social media one on one as well as book in a photoshoot for some new professional headshots. 


Tips for next year?

My tips for next year would be very similar to the ones that I made for attending your first travel conference but I would add that having accomodation with everyone else was very helpful! A lot of the people from the conference stayed at the Wombats hostel which was a perfect location for the venue and also is where most after parties ended up as they have an incredible bar.

The only thing that rained on my parade a tiny bit, was that I got sick and wasn’t feeling myself towards the end of the first day and all of the second day. Having just got back from three months in America the week before so I think going straight back to work, combined with jet lag and then catching a cold, just made me very unsociable. I loved the evening events and catching up with people from Trento but I was also so knackered I could barely stay awake. Next time, I will be fully prepared with a strong immune system so I can stay out late chatting away with the rest of the event attendees.


I love that I went to the first ever Borderless Live and I can’t wait to see what happens next year so I’ll definitely be getting my ticket. It’s very easy for me to write about Borderless Live as I think that what makes these event so special for me, is the community of people who go to them. I also spent a lot of time with my blogger pals who I have spent so long chatting to online but only recently met so it was really nice to actually spend time getting to know them in person!


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what I love about Borderless Live


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