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Moving back to Brighton after University has made me realise what a tourist I can be in my hometown. I had a few days to get all moved in before starting work and spent some time wandering round the town, the laines, the beach and it made me realise how beautiful Brighton is.

Anyway, as I haven’t had a chance to do much yet except wander round, I thought I’d create the first post from an outsider perspective and as if you were discovering Brighton for the day, by foot. If you’ve never been to Brighton before, don’t know where to start, have nothing booked and don’t have a lot of money this is what you could do. It’s also a town full of photo opportunities so make sure you take a camera.

Things to do in Brighton

  1. Walk round Pavilion Gardens, I’ve been inside the Pavilion but unless you’re really into architecture and the history of the Pavilion I wouldn’t spend the money in all honesty. The gardens are stunning and in the winter there is an ice rink in front which is lovely to go to.
  2. Discover the Laines and all the little shops that are hidden away, check out the Photo Booth in Snoopers Paradise and find little cafes that nearly always have a lovely upstairs.
  3. The Pier, goes without saying really, you can’t visit Brighton and not stop by the Pier, the doughnuts are beautiful and it’s always fun to go in the Arcade and on a few rides.
  4. i360, something I am yet to experience but almost every Brightonian has an opinion on this, whether they love it or hate it I think it’s worth going up and having a look, apparently on clear days you can see France?

  5. Explore the beach, head down the stairs by the pier and walk towards the i360, there are so many stalls and places to stop and have a drink or a coffee. You really feel like you’re in Brighton when walking along there, just look out for seagulls as they are much more vicious then they look and will stop at nothing to get at your chips!
  6. If you’re looking for something away from the busy streets filled with tourists, you can always hop on a bus to the Downs, buses run to Devils Dyke and you can spend an afternoon on a countryside walk, stopping in a pub with some lovely views. I know a lot of people from outside Brighton go and visit the Chattri which is by Patcham and is a First World War monument dedicated to the Indian soldiers who died. It’s normally pretty quiet on the downs except for the odd dog walker and in the summer there is a nice ice cream van that heads to the top of Ditchling Beacon too.
  7. I’m not going to lie, every weekend there seems to be a different festival taking place, whether it is Burning the clocks (I’m told this is just a Brighton thing), a marathon, the food markets, or the circus, everything seems to stop in Brighton meaning there is always something fun to do in Brighton! Take a walk along the seafront and you’re bound to be swept up in something and this can happen completely by accident.

Have you ever been to Brighton? I’m hoping to review some things and explore more so will make these weekly posts a little more exciting in the future! I know this is a pretty typical Brighton list but as I’ve only just arrived, please bare with me!

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One response to “Gabriella’s Guide to Brighton in a day”

  1. Issy says:

    I’ve never been to Brighton but it sounds fabulous! It’s definitely on my list of places to visit and your posts will come in very handy when I eventually make the trip!

    Coming from a coastal town myself in Cornwall I know how amazing it is to slink away from the busy high streets and find beautiful hidden spots away from the tourists! Theres certainly no harm in being a tourist yourself though, Cornwall is so huge I’m a tourist in most parts of it!

    I hope you enjoy your explorations in Brighton, I look forward to more places to see and visit!

    Issy | MissIsGoode

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