What to do with a week in Dubrovnik

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Happy Wednesday! Today I’m writing about what you can do with a week in Dubrovnik. I was there at the end of April and spent a week exploring the local area. Dubrovnik is known for The Old Town and my friend and I chose to stay a little further away in a place known as Lapad. This gave us the option to travel into the Old Town if we wanted but we could also explore things along the way. I’d recommend exploring outside of the Old Town if you’re there, as things are much cheaper and also there is a lot to see.


We didn’t pack our week out with things and took some time to relax, but I feel we also got to see a lot of what there was to do in Dubrovnik and nearby. I have a post coming soon all about my tips and tricks to getting around so when that is up, I’ll be sharing with you here.


As I mentioned before, the Old Town is where a lot of people visit as it is catered to tourists with lots of shops and restaurants so I would split my time with a few days going to the Old Town then a few days seeing what else there is to do.


This isn’t my exact itinerary but this is what I would recommend.


Day 1 

Take part in an early morning tour of the Old Town. We did this on our first day and booked it through AirBnB. There were only four of us on the tour and I felt like it was a great introduction to the history of Dubrovnik and also gave us our bearings for walking around the Old Town by ourselves. The one we booked was through a company called Du the Tour but on AirBnb it was advertised as an Early Bird Walking tour. We paid £13 per person and were walking for just over an hour. As the tour was finishing the town was already filling up with people so it was great to get to see it before everyone else had arrived.


I would say to then spend the rest of the morning in the Old Town, explore the streets, eat some nice lunch and relax. In the afternoon I’d try and get to the point where you can get the Cable Cart to a stunning viewpoint where you can see the Old Town from above. When we were there, the cable cart was closed but I would have loved to have seen the views from above.

exploring dubrovnik www.travelwithgabriella.com

Day 2

Another day in the Old Town, (trust me, you’ll need it), this would be a day to purchase the Dubrovnik card and tour the city walls. We went quite early in the morning but we could see it getting busier as the day went on. I’d plan ahead and take some water especially with all the steps! You have stunning views as you walk around but I think it took us around two hours and we stopped for a drink, as there are cafes along the top of the wall also.

To pay for a ticket to the wall, it costs 200 Kuna (HRK), to purchase a Dubrovnik card it costs 200 Kuna (HRK) but includes the wall walk as well as many other museums. I would recommend getting the Dubrovnik Card as it costs the same price as the wall but you get a lot more included. Your can purchase your Dubrovnik card from inside the Tourist information centres and then you have to go to the city wall ticket office to get your city wall ticket for free with your Dubrovnik Card. The city wall ticket also includes entry to Fort Lovrijenac and lasts for 48 hours so if you want to do the fort the next day, you can.

exploring dubrovnik www.travelwithgabriella.com

Day 3

Something that you’ll see advertised a lot, is a three island boat trip to three of the Elafiti Islands. We wanted to explore so booked onto it for a full day with a woman down at the Old Town harbour. It was around £35 equivalent and included lunch on board the boat. It was interesting because you weren’t told anything about the islands before you left. You were kind of just dropped off and told a time to be back. We found that there really wasn’t much to do on the islands that we could see, our first stop was only 40 minutes so we didn’t want to start trying to walk over to the other side incase we couldn’t get back in time. If you plan ahead and know exactly what you want to do on each island, I think you’d be fine but we booked a bit last minute and at each harbour there wasn’t a lot to see so just walked around, took some pictures then relaxed on the beach. Either way I love exploring little islands but I can see how some people would be disappointed with paying a lot for what is essentially, a water taxi.

Day 4

When you’re at Lapad beach, there’s a beautiful big mountain on your left hand side as you face the sea. After a bit of googling, my friend discovered you could walk up there quite easily and get some beautiful views. I would try and do this in the morning as, even though it didn’t take very long, I wouldn’t want to do it in full summer heat. We hadn’t planned it so I was wearing sandals but it’s not a hike so was actually quite doable. There’s a nice viewpoint with a bench just before you reach the top, and the top isn’t actually worth more of a climb as the viewpoint below had more beautiful scenery.


Our day 4 happened to be the weekend, so we went to a place called Revelin for a night out, it’s actually inside a medieval fort which we thought sounded fun. I’m warning you now though, it is crazy expensive with two drinks coming to €30, so try to drink beforehand! As we went before the summer season, it was only open on a Saturday night but when summer starts they have DJ’s playing a lot and someone told us it’s open every night! It was free entry when we went so if you’re looking for somewhere to go out in Dubrovnik, maybe have a look as it’s open until 6am.

Day 5

Spend a day in Lapad, walk down to Sunset beach and find a cafe bar with a beach view. We walked to the beach from our hotel and although it’s pebbles, we found a jetty to lie on and just relax for the day. After a few full days of sightseeing, it was so nice to slow down for a day. There are also so many reasonably priced restaurants and cafes nearby. We found a cocktail bar that was serving drinks for half of the price of bars in the Old Town and also found a pizza place that had the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.


Day 6

What we would have done was taken a day trip to Montenegro. As it was raining we decided against it but there are so many excursion shops and websites that you can purchase them from. A lot of them would pick you up from where you’re staying, take you to a few places in Montenegro and drop you back after a full day out. The one we were looking at was £50 for the whole day with a 7:45am pick up and 18:45 drop off. Montenegro is a one hour drive from Dubrovnik so you’re not driving for hours either. Supposed to be stunning, I would love to visit Montenegro one day!


Day 7

For our last day we decided to spend the day at Lokrum island. It’s so close to Dubrovnik but you do have to catch the boat there. We arrived just as one had left so got our tickets for the next hour instead. You can buy tickets on the day but just get there early if you want to go to the island of Lokrum for the whole day. When you get there, it’s really clearly signposted with things that tourists might like to do. The island is inhabited by peacocks and bunnies, which is really bizarre but they are everywhere! There are beautiful viewpoints, a monastery, a “dead sea” and also another fort that is a 15 minute walk from the drop off point. We only spent a few hours there but managed to do everything and take our time. The “dead sea” point was beautiful but felt more like a lagoon and there were also cafes and restaurants on the island if you want to stop for a meal.

By this point we had done so much sightseeing so caught the last boat back and as soon as we got onto the boat, it started raining so heavily!


Overall, I would think a 5 day trip to Dubrovnik would be perfect, especially if you were looking to explore instead of relax and have time to do nothing. I really enjoyed my time in Croatia and if you’re heading there for a visit, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’ve got a few more posts coming about my time away but I’ve also shared some more photographs of the Old Town in my photo diary here.

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exploring dubrovnik www.travelwithgabriella.com

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