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12 Things I learnt at an American Summer Camp

  I loved working in America this summer and I’m going to be writing all about my experience with Camp America and many other camp related posts too. I wanted…

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5 Fun Places to Eat in Chicago

When I went to Chicago I wasn’t expecting to love the food as much as I did. I tried new foods, flavours and compared deep dish pizzas. I wanted to…

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Top Tips for Your First Travel Conference

Way back before the summer started I attended my first ever travel blogging event which was run by Traverse events. I wrote a post about What I learnt at my…

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The Start of Something New

There’s something about the beginning of September that I love. For me, it signals the start of something and I’m not sure if that’s been ingrained in me since school…

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The Travel Series Update

It’s now the end of August and that means it’s now the end of my travel expert series! I wanted to do a little round-up post as my next post…

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Interview a Travel Expert: The Travel Photographer

How did you get into your job role?  I studied photography through college and university. Once graduating, I shot for 11 months free of charge to build up a huge…

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Interview a Travel Expert: The Travel Writer

As you may have read, I’m in America at the moment at a summer camp so created a series of blog posts all about some incredible women who work in…

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Hey, I'm Gabriella

I post once a week covering topics such as solo travel, working and living abroad and also creating Gabriella’s Guides to places I have been. I cover topics under the following categories such as Planning and Packing, The Travel Diary, Travel Inspiration, Photo Diaries, Gabriella’s Guides and Working Abroad.