9 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dive

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9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com


I learnt to dive last summer and it is honestly one of my happiest memories in my lifetime. It’s a really different experience to anything I’ve ever done before and really recommend it. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first but I pushed myself to do it and have no regrets. This post is to encourage anyone who might have been thinking about learning to dive, to give it a go. I learnt to dive in Tenerife and have my Open Water Diver certificate with a SSI program. Most people learn a PADI program and they are really similar, but my particular dive centre used SSI. I had to do a theory exam as well as practical tests whilst diving but overall it was a really incredible experience.


In the future I hope to dive a lot more, one of my bucket list goals is to dive the Great Barrier Reef and I’ve heard a lot about diving in the Philippines. Below are my 9 reasons why I think you should learn to dive.


1 ) It is so safe. Learning to dive I was a little bit on the anxious side as I had never even snorkelled before. The idea of relying on extra equipment to breathe can be an idea that fills some people with dread but after diving once, many people get over their anxieties. I spoke to my diving instructor before my first dive and they realised I was a bit on the anxious side. They were so helpful and really patient too. All the statistics about how safe it is, really help to reassure any nervous diver.


2) Diving is one of the few experiences where you can experience complete weightlessness. You can swim around, go upside down, roll over and it’s just so odd. You’re body is free to do whatever and experiencing weightlessness was one of my favourite things!

9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com


3) It’s a great way to relax. Any stress and any worries on your mind seem to dissolve as you descend into the ocean. Under the water you don’t have time to think about any worries, you’re too busy looking at wildlife or trying to find the sea turtles! It’s also very calming as you can hear only the sounds of the ocean.

Dive Buddies

4) If you’re a solo traveller this one is a major plus point, it’s an amazing way to make friends and meet people who want to explore as much as you do. It’s surprisingly sociable considering you can’t talk under the water. You have to trust your dive buddies with your life when you’re under the water and when you come up, it’s really fun to chat about what you’ve seen. I spent most of my paddles back to the beach all chatting away about the different fish we’d seen and it’s always a really fun experience to share with other people who you share a similar interest with.


5) To dive you have to be able to swim and also in generally good health. You could see it as a good form of exercise as often you are swimming for a little while. You often don’t need to carry your equipment far but even carrying it from a dive center down to a beach required some strength. If you go diving every week for a few weeks, I always felt like I’d had a bit of a workout with some aches the next day. It also meant I slept an incredible amount the nights after diving. It could have been a post adrenaline crash but either way I love the tired feeling you get in your muscles after a long dive.

9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com

6) It is an activity that is different every time you do it and everywhere you go. This means you can travel to new places and always experience something different. My mum and sister both learnt to dive in different places and we each have different animals we have seen and stories to share. The way in which you dive can be slightly different too, I’ve never dived off a boat, but my mum has only ever dived off a boat. So it’s always new and exciting every time you go.


7) Once you’re qualified it is not the most expensive hobby but of course, it does depend on where you go. You don’t have to own the equipment yourself, but basically when you visit a dive centre you rent the equipment. You also hire a guide to dive with you to know the best places to dive in that area. If you’re somewhere for a while you can do also normally do a deal where you get a discount. From everyone I’ve spoken to about their diving experiences, people always say they would have paid double to experience what they did.


8) There is so much to see! You might know the statistic, 95% of the ocean is undiscovered but even with what most divers have already seen, there are so many species of animals there, different reefs and wrecks, the list is never ending. Because there is so much to see still, it makes it a really exciting prospect to explore and see things you could never find on land.

9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com

9) It’s a really cool thing to say you can do. At a new job and need to say an interesting fact about yourself? I love to scuba dive, is a great answer and people always have questions about it. 😉

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9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com


9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO DIVE - www.travelwithgabriella.com

2 responses to “9 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Dive”

  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for explaining why it could be good to learn how to dive. I didn’t know you can get a discount usually if you’re in a diving area for a while. I wonder if it could be good to plan a trip based on the diving experiences you want to have.

    • Gabriella says:

      Yeh where I stayed in Tenerife I was there for eight months and they gave me a bit of a deal! I know people who plan entire travel plans around diving but I like to think of it as an added bonus but would definitely go somewhere that is meant to be amazing for the diving!

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