The NEW Travel Bucket List

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the new travel bucket list

Last year I wrote a Travel Bucket List from a very different place. I didn’t really have goals for the year ahead or New Year’s resolutions but as you can see from this blog post here, I did have a few things I wanted to achieve.


Travel somewhere aloneYes I went to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on my own in February and March 2018

Stay in a country for more than a monthYes I lived in Tenerife from April until November 2018

Start to learn a language and use it dailyI started to learn Spanish but I didn’t quite use it daily unless you count Gracias! I’m not very good at speaking it but I can understand a lot more Spanish now.

Travel to at least 5 new countries! – Did this one too, in 2018 I went to a few new places but not sure they really count and you’ll see why. I went to Barcelona and I’d never been before, (see my photo diary here), but I don’t count it as I have been to Spain before. Then I went to Thailand (1), Cambodia (2) and Vietnam (3) and you can read more about that here. I stopped over in Dubai on the way but I never left the airport so don’t think that counts. After that I then lived in Tenerife (4) and I’d never been there before either. In December I moved to Andorra (5) for my winter season and it was my first time in Andorra.

Not too bad considering I spent eight months of 2018 in Tenerife! This year, instead of just putting up a list of countries in the world, I’ve got a bit more of a clear plan / bucket list as I now work seasons abroad so they’re pretty set in terms of how long I’ll be places. Here are some experiences I would like to achieve and think most of them should be possible especially with another summer in Europe.

the new travel bucket list

2019 Bucket List

  1. Go camping and sleep under the stars! – I would love to be able to go to sleep looking up at the sky. Camping outside in the UK hasn’t ever appealed to me but if I was abroad I would love to do it.
  2.  Ride on a motorbike – I don’t have any kind of driving license but I love quad biking, jet skis and fun things but I’m yet to go on a motorbike. I’d have to go on the back but I still think it’d be a fun thing to try this year.
  3. Complete a new course – Last year I completed my scuba dive license for SSI so I’m a certified diver now. I also did a few things like personal branding but I’m looking for a new challenge and I’m not too sure what that’ll be yet. Could entirely depend on where I am based for the summer.
  4. Go on a road trip – Of course, the dream with this one would be an American road trip but sadly I do not have 10k spare otherwise I would be on my way to the US as we speak. I’d love a couple of days holiday from wherever I may be working in Europe this summer and just go explore a few places nearby in a little car.
  5. Volunteer with a charity – I love finding causes to support and feeling like I’m making a difference. There are so many people in really horrible situations or animals that need caring for, I really want to volunteer somewhere and see if I can help!
  6. Get a tattoo – So hard to decide what to get but I definitely want to get something small one day this year.
  7. Become intermediate in a language – I know the Spanish failed last year but I would love to try again and do daily lessons. Will see how it goes and where I end up working this summer.
  8. Learn to drive – I say this every year but until I’m back in the UK for a longer period of time and have money, this is going to be hard. Having lived near London and in busy Brighton, it’s always just been more hassle than it’s worth to get a car. Working abroad means I don’t really need one either, but I know it is a useful skill to have and one day I know it will come in handy to have my license.
  9. Go to a festival – I don’t know where I’ll be based this summer but I would imagine there’ll be a festival around somewhere that I would be able to attend, the dream is Burning Man or Coachella and they’re on my Ultimate Travel Bucket List for sure but that’s too long to share for the time being!
  10. Read a book a month! I’m actually part of a book club this year so that should help but I’m also going to try and use reading to relax a little bit more this year.

the new travel bucket list

I have such a long list of things to do so this is just ten things to create a little travel bucket list. 2019 is going to be so much fun, I’m loving Andorra and then looking forward to another summer abroad before seeing what is next. What is on your bucket list or travel list? Any New Year’s resolutions?

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