11 Ways to Live Abroad Long-Term

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11 Ways to Stay Abroad Long-term www.travelwithgabriella.com

Living abroad and travelling round the world is the dream. It’s so hard to just book a one way ticket and leave, but there are plenty of options to get your travel kick whilst earning some money. There are also ways you can stay long-term somewhere and not make a lot of money too, but here are 11 ways I’ve found that are different options for staying abroad long term.

Work as a travel rep

There are a whole list of companies that hire people to rep abroad and work in hotels. The well known ones in the UK are Thomas Cook, TUI and smaller companies like Neilsons. There are also companies such at Jet2, which hire you when you already live abroad instead of moving you abroad for that job. Working as a rep is tiring but getting the chance to live abroad for 8 months at a time, and have everything like accomodation and visas sorted for you is incredible. I would say the downside is, a lot of the locations for UK reps tend to be in Spain and the Canary Islands and you don’t get a lot of time off work to really explore where you work.

Look at companies who are recruiting such as, Thomas Cook, TUI, Jet2

Chalet Host

A little different to repping, but still in the same situation in that you get hired by a company that then locates you where they need you. A different job role but it’s still a great way to makes some money, especially if you like the idea of living in the mountains and skiing in your spare time too.

Look at companies who are recruiting such as Ski World, Le Ski, Work a Season


Au Pair abroad with a company

Another temporary option is to Au Pair, you need to be good with children and it’s another one where the hard work is extreme. I would always say to Au Pair in a country where their first language is English if you’re unsure, and then if you love it, you can always look at doing another season as an Au Pair somewhere more exotic to live abroad.

Look at companies who are recruiting such as Au Pair in America, Au Pair world


Work at a summer camp with a program like Camp America

Camp America is a well known company and is always popular with people who are naturally quite sporty as they always need coaches for all sorts of activities. There are also roles that don’t require any athletic prowess, thank god, and you can help look after the children in the camp as well as help out with things like arts. I know there are different programs but most of them fund your visa so you can stay in America after camp ends and actually travel around America a little more.

Look at companies who are recruiting such as Camp America, Camp Leaders


11 Ways to Stay Abroad Long-term www.travelwithgabriella.com

Sport instructor of some sort including a ski instructor, fitness coach, yoga teacher, surf instructor

If you’ve got a skill such as skiing, or a qualification in teaching, you’re already a step ahead of the game and can live abroad in a lot of places. There are so many jobs abroad that require people with skills that people might like to learn on holiday. Yoga is a big one as so many hotels and resorts have places specially designed for people to relax.

Look online at different companies such as hotels, resorts, tour operators to see what instructors they need.


Work as a skipper onboard a travel company flotilla

Sailing holidays are becoming extremely popular at the moment, read about my time on holiday with Medsailors here. There are more companies starting up and you often get based in beautiful locations around Greece or Turkey. If you don’t have the right qualifications to apply as a skipper straight away, it’s still worth looking into as a lot of companies will train up people if they work the following summer for them.

Look at companies who are recruiting such as Medsailors, Yacht Getaways, Dream Yacht Charter, Quarterdeck



So many people love to volunteer abroad as you often get to stay somewhere for free for a month or so, and then work 5 days a week volunteering somewhere. You can use your free time off for exploring, and it also means you don’t have to spend any money on accommodation for a little while until you work out your next move.

There are so many companies that help you find volunteer placements in all different areas I would have a little look online to see what you can do in the area you want to head to.


Live onboard a cruise ship and work

I have some talented friends who worked their way around the world by living on a cruise ship and working as dancers. It seems that there a lot of jobs on cruise ships and some of them mean you get to explore some beautiful places and islands for a day or two before heading off to the next place. A lot of them are 8-12 month contracts so it is a big commitment though.



A little bit more cultural, this one is similar to volunteering but it covers a lot of different options such as family exchanges and homestays too. There are a lot of options on the website all around the world so I’d have a look if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Have a look at the Workaway website here.


Teach English as a foreign language – TEFL / JET etc

Lots of people do a TEFL or a Teach English as a Foreign Language as a way to go abroad and make some money. Lots of places want people to teach English and especially in Asia, you need a TEFL qualification to qualify. I’ve only recently found about JET which is a Japan Exchange and Teaching programme, it’s extremely popular and has already closed for 2019 but it sounds similar to doing a TEFL but just focused on Japan.

11 Ways to Stay Abroad Long-term www.travelwithgabriella.com

Work in a hostel or bar that requires English speakers

There are so many hostels and bars all over the world that love English speakers! It’s normally a little bit more temporary and quite easy to pick up wherever you are. I love the idea of renting somewhere for three months or so and just do a cash in hand job to get some money to carry on travelling.

These jobs are probably best found by exploring your local area and asking around.


I love living and working abroad and until I win the lottery and book my one way ticket, I’m happy to work as I go so I can see as much of the world as possible.

Have you ever worked abroad?

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11 Ways to Stay Abroad Long-term www.travelwithgabriella.com

3 responses to “11 Ways to Live Abroad Long-Term”

  1. Alexandra Wrigley says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    Brilliant post I feel like this covers all options. I normally backpack but lately I’ve been thinking of going somewhere else even though my funds are low, thanks for reminding me of those options! Especially the Au Pair! Have you done any of these?

    • Gabriella says:

      I have worked as a travel rep and am thinking of becoming an Au Pair in the next few years maybe! Also working towards my TEFL as we speak to hopefully might be able to teach abroad at some point! How about you?

  2. Nice! Maybe i’ll become an Au Pair one day, I’ve only done workaway!

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