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Moving and Working abroad to Live in Tenerife

3 months ago I was preparing to leave Ho Chi Minh for the long journey back to the UK. I had convincing myself that I didn’t want the summer job I was about to start in Tenerife. Now, it’s 3 months later and I’m writing this update during my siesta time from the exact same job I was so determined I wouldn’t take.

Without sharing too much of my life story online, (you never know who is reading), it all started around a year ago when I’d just finished my final year of university. I went on a trip around Greece with MedSailors and it really changed my perspective on travel and the things that I could be capable of.

Instead of applying for any graduate jobs I focused on going to new places and experiencing new cultures as much as I could. I wanted to get to the position where I could either, travel for an indefinite amount of time or find a job abroad. Everything I found was starting in April 2018 and at this point, it was only the beginning of summer in 2017. Throwing myself at any opportunity to leave the country I went on some amazing trips with my sister. I’m going to be writing about these in retrospect as some of the things I got to do, for example, go on a South African Safari, are experiences that I would love to look back on as well as possibly provoke an interest in anyone who reads about what I got up to.

After saving as much as I could I planned my first solo trip around Asia and planned to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on my own before returning to the UK and seeing what was next in terms of jobs or travels. Whilst in Asia I found out about a job I had applied for, and to be honest it was starting sooner then I had hoped. It kind of filled me with dread at the thought of returning home from the last month I’d had travelling on my own.

Travelling alone wasn’t something I had spent a great deal of time thinking about before I actually booked my plane tickets, and the fear had never really set in until I left. Leaving that behind was still very strange though I’d only been travelling for a month, and I returned with my mind made up that I wasn’t going to take the job and that instead I would work and save in the UK so I could soon be travelling again.

It feels odd to me now that I could have easily made the decision to not do something that has so quickly become the usual for me. This is why I haven’t been writing or posting as much on my Instagram when I first left because truly, I didn’t think I’d stick it out, but soon after arriving I actually adjusted very quickly.

I don’t want to go too much into what I do but I work with a company that means I’m looked after abroad and that I also get to work in a huge team of people who have come from all over. It means I work a lot but I also get to have amazing opportunities which means I think this blog might survive the summer as long as I make the most of my time off. I wake up every day in Tenerife which is a stunning island and after living here for three months, I want to make the most of the remaining five months before I see what’s next.

I’m also hoping to finally catch up on the backlog of posts that I started writing whilst travelling around Asia! I’m going to try and post weekly about things to do and experience in Tenerife whilst I’m living here! It wasn’t an easy decision to make and looking back I think it was the prospect of spending the next six months working all the hours I could in the UK to save before going away somewhere, or spending the next six months abroad with less money but actually living abroad. When I look at the two options, there really isn’t a competition and living abroad is something that I would always recommend to anyone.

Have you ever lived abroad for work?

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