Interview a Travel Expert: The Travel Photographer

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How did you get into your job role? 

I studied photography through college and university. Once graduating, I shot for 11 months free of charge to build up a huge portfolio with the intention of taking this portfolio to interviews with magazines (from a young age, I’d always wanted to work within magazines). I then started getting asked how much I was charging for shoots and was lucky enough to become a freelance photographer a year later.

What is the best and worst thing about your job?

The best is absolutely the people I get to meet, I have been so lucky with the girls and guys I shoot – so many of which are now really good friends of mine! I’d say the worst is that sometimes it’s hard to switch off from ‘work mode’ – there is always something you can do for your business, editing and progressing so I guess sometimes it’s hard to relax and switch off!

Working in travel, what is the one lesson you’ve learnt that has changed the way you travel?

To not plan too much, the best times I have travelled have always been when I’ve just rolled with the idea of going somewhere, immersing myself within the culture and the place and then seeing where I end up! Also, talk to people!! You learn so much about a place that you are visiting by just talking to locals and other travellers!

Do you have a favourite country or travel destination?

Philippines, Canada and Australia are up there for my top destinations!

I went to the Philippines last year and was absolutely blown away by its pure beauty and how so much of the land is still so untouched by tourism.

Canada for the amazing mountains, scenery and people and Australia for the insane lifestyle and somewhere that feels like home.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

I’m totally drawn to New Zealand at the moment – it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and my two current housemates in London are Kiwis so I guess that is having a huge influence!

In Europe I’d love to go to Montenegro and Albania!

What is your hand luggage essential?

Camera is no.1! I always put my camera equipment in my hand luggage. Second has to be a moisturiser. Girly I know, but travelling always makes my skin so dry and it’s the nicest feeling to have a little spruce up when you’ve been travelling all day! 

Do you have a favourite travel memory?

One that stands out for me was from a recent trip to Canada – me and my best friend were driving up to the mountain top for sunset when we turned a corner and there were a black bear and her two baby cubs!

Any advice for somebody starting out as a travel photographer?

To embrace every moment you have. Travel is such a privilege and too often we get caught up in getting that ‘perfect’ shot which is great but I also think it’s so important to enjoy where you are and take in every single moment.

Is there such a thing as a typical day and what does it roughly look like?

A typical day for me in London would be to (try!) and work out in the morning, head for either one or two Lifestyle/Fashion shoots in the day and then spend the afternoon and evening editing! There isn’t a typical travel day which is why I love travelling so much! 

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

I absolutely have no idea! As I mentioned earlier, I always wanted to work within a magazine. So possibly as a picture editor or something with a Creative role!

Favourite way to pass the time when travelling?

I love podcasts – anything from factual, discussions or debates! I also absolutely can’t go anywhere without music. I have my UE boom with me wherever I go!


Roadtrip or cruise? Roadtrip 

Ski or beach? Ski 

Citybreak or weekend in the country? Weekend in the country

Planner or spontaneous traveller? Spontaneous 

Backpacker or luxury hotels? Backpacker

Kindle or paperbacks? Paperback

Sunrise hike or sunset cocktails? Sunrise hike

Suitcase or backpack? Suitcase


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