Interview a Travel Expert: The Twins that Travel

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As you may have read, I’m in America at the moment at a summer camp so created a series of blog posts all about some incredible women who work in the travel industry. Every other week throughout summer, I am focusing on a different area of the travel industry and this week I am interviewing the incredible Twins that Travel. Claire and Laura are UK travel bloggers who also run a podcast called Twin Perspectives as well as the Twins that Travel Tours. To find out more about them, have a look at my interview below and I’ll also leave all their links at the bottom of the page!


How did you know you wanted to work as a travel bloggers?

We didn’t really! At the time of opening up our Instagram account and blog in July 2014, both of us were actually too anxious to travel. Having suffered with anxiety for many years, the thought of being travel bloggers was actually quite laughable! On reflection, we opened up our account as a sort of alter-ego to who we wanted to be: confident women who travelled the world. A sort of ‘fake it ’till you make it’, we became full-time travel bloggers by accident. Our online community gave us the confidence to travel.


What is the best and worst thing about your job, travel blogging and TTT tours?

The best thing about our job is not knowing week-to-week what might happen. Often press trips come in last-minute, meaning we might start the week at home and end the week unexpectedly in the Caribbean! The worst thing about our job is juggling home-life and travel and finding a healthy balance between the two.


Working in travel, what is the one lesson you’ve learnt that has changed the way you travel?

The impact frequent travel can have on our environment! It’s made us re-assess our travel and focus more on microadventures and trips closer to home.

Do you have a favourite country or travel destination? To relax in and to work in?

1. Scandinavia: for adventure and fresh air

2. Florida: for the softest, sandiest beaches to relax on

3. Italy: for eating! Nothing beats a glass of red wine and steaming bowl of pasta in the hills of Tuscany.


If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

South Korea!


What is your hand luggage essential?

Fluffy socks! The most important item in our hand luggage for a long-haul flight.


Do you have a favourite travel memory?

Swimming with manatees in Crystal River, Florida.

Any advice for young women who want to become travel bloggers?

Authenticity and making sure you’re embarking on travel blogging for the right reasons. Travel blogging is a slow game, meaning if you’re looking simply for a free trip, it’s unlikely this opportunity will present itself for a number of years. Having a genuine passion for travel is key to your success.


Is there such a thing as a typical day and what does it roughly look like?

It depends if we’re travelling or not. For a typical day at home, we work hard to keep a routine. This usually means beginning the day at the gym, before working in a local cafe or at home. Being away so often means that we often crave routine and love the more ‘mundane’ aspects of life when we’re back home.


If you weren’t working as a travel bloggers, what would you be doing?

We’d probably still be doing the jobs we did before taking our blog full-time. We both worked for charities in the marketing and fundraising sector.


Favourite way to pass the time when travelling?

Netflix! We have hundreds of hours of programmes downloaded to our phones when travelling. We find short, 25-minute episodes the easiest to concentrate on when travelling so a lot of the Netflix series are ideal.


How did TTT tours start?

We had the idea to start the tours last year, when we were eager to find an opportunity to promote travel that interests us and reflects our values as travellers. This meant travelling sustainably and supporting women-led initiatives when in a country.

Quickfire round

Roadtrip or cruise? Roadtrip

Ski or beach? Beach

Citybreak or weekend in the country? Citybreak

Planner or spontaneous traveller? Spontaneous

Backpacker or luxury hotels? Luxury

Kindle or paperbacks? Paperback

Sunrise hike or sunset cocktails? Sunset cocktails

Suitcase or backpack? Suitcase


Thanks so much to the Twins that Travel for taking part in my interview series! You can find their links below and all imagery belongs to them! As always, I’m away at summer Camp in the US at the moment so any shares would be much appreciated! You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram here and I’m also on Pinterest too!


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